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Welcome gentle reader to the Sourcecred Addiction Ward!

Congratulations! Admitting your addiction is the first step to recovery


It was about 8 weeks ago that I decided to write about the considerable pulling power of Sourcecred. I was feeling all kinds of strong feelings that were in part due to this system.


The combination of money, validation, competitiveness and ‘FAMspeak’ were working their strange majix on my mind and I kept feeling how it was shifting my sense of self.


It takes a powerful new social engineering to have any chance of contending with the current traditional social systems, so this is not really in itself a bad thing. I mean, how can powerful motivators be bad when there is a huge task ahead right?


So being a navel gazing person with a therapist over the last few years I decided to write about these mechanisms and their possible effects on our psyches.


The rationale is that it is not simply enough to come up with an ‘alternative’ system but, that it’s similarities to the old one and it’s own eccentricities may well have unforeseen draw backs or costs. These things should be understood as a basis for building in anti-fragility into our selves as players. In addition gamewide awareness of possible fragilities can only create a more supported space.


Anyway, so I started to study in some depth, researching into; the effects of Social Media, unstable and performance based incomes, gambling and gaming psychology, behavioural addiction and even cult psychology!


Whilst doing this I found a DM invite on Discord from TyrannySawUsRekt and followed it up and it was an uncanny synchronicity! Gyrus has fallen foul of our fave system...

I don’t think many of you will remember Gyrus from back along? But his life was pretty dicey and, he took Covid Lockdown pretty badly and became isolated. It seems in this state he became susceptible in the worst possible way to the warping effects of Sourcecred. I got Lux invited in to the group DM also for a 2nd more seasoned opinion. What he said made sense to me but, sadly seems his humour was not taken too well and so the thread got closed.


Anyway after seeking permission I am allowed to share that DM and all associated links with the Metagame Community and so have downloaded all the various PDFs and uploaded them making sure that the links in the documents work.


I could never had done such a god job at explaining the issues with Sourcecred Addiction as has Professor Snitcher who was in charge of Gyrus’ care, so this has now replaced what I was going to write myself.


I ask that you be mindful enough to give this all a careful read and give it some time to sink in.

Below is the Core PDF which is a screenshot of the whole Discord Group DM about Gyrus' illness.

All PDF files are scrollable and links are active

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Handy links





Rogue Quest for Metagame: The Neuro-chemical dependency of a Sourcecred Junkie

All work inspired by, researched, designed and written by Gnomeski

Cover Art 'Sourcecred Junkie Brain' composed by Gnomeski and edited by Misanth

'Emoji Thief' and 'Precious Cred' memes designed by Misanth

Proof reading and moral support by Heidi

Thanks to Lux for being a 'skin ghost'

Many Thanks to Metagame for being open minded enough to see the value in exploring this topic and encouraging me, I hope this helps with awareness of Sourcecred Psychology.


This is a work of Fiction, meant only for educational and entertainment purposes. Any actions or implications referencing real people are purely fictional and do not reflect any  factual reality whatsoever

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